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What is immunity and how to boost immunity?
21Jul 2020

What is Immunity?

Have you ever heard about “Air Bags” in cars, well! There are some cars out there that come with this feature. At the time of accident these air bags bust and protect the people who are sitting inside the car. Similarly, we humans have such air bags in our body too. We call it immunity. Basically, immunity is the quality of a human body which protects it from getting infected by any disease. Those, who have stronger immunity, keep themselves safe from diseases and infections. This immunity is not only important for good health but for good life also. Especially in today’s time, when COVID 19 is prevalent, it becomes more important to stay immune. In this blog, we will not go for technical terms related to immunity; rather we’ll be learning about how it is works in a nutshell and how we can boost it for better health.

How it works?

All of us need to have a very good and healthy immune system, if we want to stay away from diseases.

Basically, the immune system of a person is made up of several things such as- tissues, cells, proteins and organs. Collectively we call it immune system. At the very first level, we have White Blood Cells. These cells are on constant petrol in our body; they recognize the intruder (foreign cell or virus) and send signals to other cells, that there has been something in the body.

White blood cells are of two types; one of them surrounds and breaks the viruses. And the other one helps the body to remember that virus, so that when we get infected by the same virus again, the body will remember the last infection and will produce antibodies faster.

Therefore, when we catch common cold etc, our body takes only 2-3 days to form antibodies, because we have been infected by this disease hundreds of time, and our immune system remembers the pattern to kill it.

Every person has different strength in terms of immune system, but technically the immunity increases in the adulthood. Because at that time, we have been infected by many diseases, and our body remembers the pattern of those diseases.

One more example is Chickenpox, a person who has been infected by it once, would not catch it again, because the body stored the antibodies for the disease the first time and uses it every next time,

In simple words, the body clicks the picture of every virus and bacteria which has entered it, and prepares the cure for that. The next time that virus enters, the body checks the clicked picture and recognizes it, then uses the cure accordingly.

How to Boost Immunity?

These are numerous ways by which one can improve his immunity and get a better health-

  • Eat healthy- This is the most common and cliché advice you might have heard from people, however do no take it lightly because this is the main component of better health. Just go for a balanced diet. Do not take anything in exce4ss, but do not forget anything significant. Try to eat fruits and salad daily. Instead of drinking juice, go for fruits because they contain roughage too.
  • Quit smoking- If you smoke, stop this immediately. You have no idea, how it harms your health on a long run. Smoking injures you from the inside out and makes you vulnerable to diseases.
  • Meditate- It looks non important, but mind it, it is very important. When we mediate or do yoga on a daily basis it improves the blood and oxygen circulation in the body, which helps to boost the immune system.
  • Exercise regularly- Make you body work a little bit more. Do some exercise? It has a very vital role in preventing you from diseases. A person, who has laziness in his body, is not that much able to protect him, that is why we say that keep your body working.
  • Sleep good- This is also a very significant step. If you follow every step but leave this behind, due to your work or any other reason, it makes you prone to illness. You need at least 6 hours of sound and undisturbed sleep everyday, to keep your body and mind function very well.
  • Avoid the attackers- Yes, this is a very crucial step, which most people skip. Even if you have good immunity that does not mean that you will go out to catch viruses, thinking that it will not affect you. Let me tell you that it does. Everytime our body protects us from the viruses and bacteria, it gets weak somehow. So, try to avoid the germs by yourself at first.
  • Stay hygienic- Keep proper hygiene in your daily life and stay away from dirt and germs to protect yourself. Keep washing your hands on a regular interval.
  • Go natural- You can use some natural herbs to boost your immunity. Such as- Tulsi, Ashvagnadha, Giloy, Alovera etc. all of these can easily be produces at home.
  • Stay hydrated- Keep the water with you guys! Dehydration can causes headache and many more things and it hinders the performance or your immune system. Therefore, keep taking fluids time to time to avoid this situation.
  • Take Supplements- you can take vitamins and proteins in the form of supplements, they surely help the body to stay more immune.
  • Stress free- this is the last but not the least of all these steps. A person who is depressed or sad or stressed cannot p[perform well in the task of immunity. So, try to stay stress free. Even if there is something out there which is troubling you, try to handle that calmly.

Always remember, that healthy body is no less than a temple, and it is a gift which, many few people have, so you better take care of it!