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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Black Soil?
1. It is the best soil for cotton cultivation.
2. It has low water retaining capacity.
3. It is rich in iron, lime and magnesium.
4. The texture is clayey

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Sonali Sanyal

Black soil has high water retaining capacity thus, option of low water retaining capacity is wrong.


Manuja Punia

Option 2 is incorrect as black soil has high water retaining capacity.


Mohit Narayan

2. It has low water retaining capacity.

Black soil has the following characteristics:
- Clayey texture and are highly fertile.
- Rich in calcium carbonate, magnesium, potash, Iron and lime but poor in nitrogen and phosphorous. - Highly retentive of moisture, extremely compact and tenacious when wet.
- Contractible and develops deep wide cracks on drying.
- Calcareous and neutral to mild alkaline in reaction, high in carbon exchange capacity and low in organic matter.
- Self-ploughing and comparatively less fertile on the uplands than on the lowlands.