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List of Newspaper and Magazines for UPSC Exams

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List of Newspaper and Magazines for UPSC Exams
06 May 2021

We all are aware that current affairs play an important role in UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation as the questions related to current affairs are seen in all 3 stages of exam that are, Prelims, Mains and Interview.

There is no defined syllabus for current affairs. Anything and everything under the sun come within the confines of current affairs.

As per UPSC syllabus candidate must have knowledge about current events about national and international events. It depends on the candidate himself or herself to prepare for this section.

As per the analysis of previous years papers one must prepare themselves for current affairs section by thorough reading of newspapers and magazines. The best newspapers recommended by the UPSC toppers are:


It is the most reliable newspaper. It does not play with words and give point to point information. It covers all the important details. The opinion section holds great importance and students even make notes based on the facts and information included in the opinion section. All the current affairs news are covered in the newspaper. It is one of the best source of information for current affairs for UPSC IAS preparation.


This paper is useful to read both positive and negative thoughts of any topic. Aspirants can read it to get neutral knowledge. The explanation page of the newspaper holds importance. Every important event is explained in concise manner. This would help in the preparation of current affairs for UPSC IAS preparation.


This newspaper covers all the national and international economic situation very well. Aspirants can read it to gain knowledge about economic crisis or any deals done between the countries. It covers the economic aspects of the country and apart from that the column section explains the necessary points clearly.

Hindi language aspirants, can refer Hindi list of newspapers given below:


It is the most read Hindi newspaper. They cover all the current affairs on daily basis. The column section of the newspaper covers the in depth analysis of the events taking place in the country. It is one of the best Hindi newspaper for UPSC IAS preparation.


It is also reliable source of information and is associated with National newspaper association. One can rely on this newspaper for the current affair news


Aspirants can refer this newspaper to read national current affairs content. They rely more on Indian contemporary issues.


Magazines are extra reading materials which are written by authors, experts and it helps candidate to expand the range of opinions. Aspirants just need to read some articles from these magazines to score great marks. In addition, they can note down the important points that can help them in writing essays and mains answers.


It is the best magazines recommended by UPSC toppers. It deals with socio economic issues of Indian interests and is published by I&B Ministry, Government of India.

It is observed that every year one or two essays is seen in UPSC exam directly from this magazine. It covers important topics like federalism, agriculture, and budget etc. It is a government magazine so you will get to read both pros and cons of every topic. One can rely on


This is published by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. This deals with all rural and agricultural issues and as per the trend UPSC examinations are dealing now with environment and rural issues.


This magazine deals with all economic and political issues, sociology, and environmental issues. Here the articles are published by experts, political activists. The analysis covered in this magazine is in-depth. It is not required to read it thoroughly for current affairs for UPSC IAS preparation. However, if one can avail the short points of the articles then it can make great difference in the level of preparation.


This magazine deals with topics like housing, health, and environment. As the weightage of environment related issues have increased in years, therefore it is the best magazine.


It is foreign affairs magazine related to Indo-centric issues. Here, you will get to read India’s viewpoint on India foreign relations and the deals made by our Government.

These magazines and newspapers are the best options to prepare for current affairs for UPSC exams as they are reliable and have fact checked information. These are easily available in all parts of our country. All aspirants should go through the list once before starting the preparation.