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List of Important topics for Descriptive Paper.

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List of Important topics for Descriptive Paper.
16 Aug 2021

Descriptive paper has become a deciding factor in the rank of a student in government job examination these days. Be it SSC or Banking exam, descriptive paper is the last stage that student’s need to cross before their final selection.

One may be surprised to know that each year few students fail to make to the merit list because of the descriptive paper.

Some students do not get good content to write or some students fail to articulate their thoughts. As a result, they fail badly and end up giving one more year for their dream job.

In this article we have covered preparation tips and also the list of topics for upcoming descriptive examinations in 2021.

How to prepare for Descriptive paper?

First of all, you need to take away the fear of descriptive paper. You should treat the descriptive paper as a simple question and answer thing like that in your college days.

The examiner has asked you a question and you have to answer only that question. Nothing extra is needed. The golden rule of descriptive paper is that answer what is asked and not what you know. This way you can complete the given descriptive paper within word limit and also within the time limit.

Other than that, each paper has its own format and way to approach the paper. Similarly, descriptive paper also has a format and approach that you need to adhere to so that you get good marks.

The format of descriptive paper includes:

  • Introduction - Here historical, philosophical or holistic view is included.
  • Body – Here all the important facts, information and aspects of the topic are included.
  • Conclusion – Here future way or suggestions are included.

Introduction and Conclusion should always be within 50 words and in single paragraph. Depending upon the word limit the body may include 2-3 paragraphs.

Tips to get Good Marks in Descriptive Paper

Everyone who writes descriptive paper for exams thinks that he has written the best paper. But only few aspirants get good marks. Only those candidates who stick to the format and other guidelines get exemplary marks. Few tips to get the best score in descriptive paper are:

  1. Stick to the format and the word limit.
  2. Choose the language for exam wisely. If you think that your grammar is not good enough then don’t hesitate to take Hindi or other language for exam. Remember that marks do not depend on the language but on the content and format that you choose to write in the exam.
  3. Before start writing actual essay make the list of important points that you need to write. It ensures that no point is missed and also prevents your mind from wandering here and there.
  4. The introductory part should not be lengthy. Make sure you start with the accurate facts only.
  5. Do not write dates if there is any confusion regarding it.
  6. The Body should focus on only those facts and information that is asked in the given topic.
  7. The conclusion should summarize your essay and give suggestions. It should not contain any facts or random information.
  8. Do not try to add every bit of information that you have crammed for the exam.
  9. The most important thing is coherence in the essay paper. Your one line should link to the other line. Your one paragraph should lead to another paragraph. Nothing should be added randomly in the paper.
  10. Always read the newspaper so that you have some points to write even when topic comes out of blue.

List of Important Descriptive topics for 2021 exams

Here is the list of most important Descriptive Examination topics to help the students:

  • On Covid -19
    • What is Corona Virus?
    • How Social Distancing is an indispensable tool when it comes to breaking the chain of covid spread?
    • What do we need to stop pandemics?
    • Are we ready to face the next virus attack?
    • Why viruses are so deadly to humans?
    • Was the recent Covid -19 pandemic man made?
    • Importance of robust healthcare system.
  • On Lockdown
    • Lockdown – solution or problem?
    • Lockdown experience – For students.
  • Online Education
    • Is India ready to go online to solve the problem of remote education?
    • How can e-learning be a boon for India?
    • What are the limitations of e-learning in India?
  • On Technology
    • What do you think about the new Privacy threat social medias are posing?
    • Free Internet or Safe internet – is the choice justified?
    • What are the benefits of 5G speed?
  • On Society
    • Comment on the debate of growing intolerance in India.
    • Farmer’s protest – are we leaving the masses behind?
    • Mobile addiction is growing in kids – what can be done?
    • Obesity is an upcoming threat – need of the hour.
    • Importance of healthy lifestyle.
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Role of Gandhi ji in our country.
  • Evergreens
    • Environmental Pollution
    • Water Pollution
    • Single Use Plastic
    • Euthanasia – Legal or Illegal
    • Uniform Civil Code
    • Afforestation
    • Disaster Management
    • Women Empowerment
    • Women Safety – are doing enough for them?
    • Latest Government schemes.

The above is our list for some of the topics that you may see in your future descriptive examinations 2021.

Key Tip: Keep your eyes, ears and senses open as the topics of descriptive examinations are always general or related to recent happenings.