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Subjects /Class 6 / Science.6 / Changes Around Us - Chapter 6

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30 Sep 2021

  • Changes occur everywhere around us.
  • For example: our mother cooking food is changing the properties of the various vegetables.
  • Some changes can be reversed while few changes cannot be reversed.
  • For example: We cannot get the raw vegetables back after cooking a dish. This is irreversible i.e cannot be reversed.
  • Change may occur by heating a substance or by mixing it with another substance.
  • We need to study changes around us so that we have basic knowledge about the different types of materials around us.
  • It can also help us in reusing materials whose changes can be reversed.

The various kinds of changes includes:

  • Slow and Fast Change
  • Reversible and Irreversible Change
  • Desirable and undesirable change
  • Physical and chemical change

Desirable and Undesirable Changes

Desirable Changes:

  • Those changes which are desired to occur that's we would like them to take place.
  • These changes help us or the nature in certain way.

For example:

  • Ripening of fruits,
  • Germination of seeds

Undesirable changes:

  • Those changes which we don't want to take place.
  • These changes are not helpful to either humans or nature at large.

For Example:

  • Rusting of iron,
  • souring of milk,
  • rotting of fruits